About Us

At Alpha Tango Flying School we offer a wide variety of flight instruction leading to private, multi-engine, commercial, instrument, and flight instructor ratings. Our flying school is located at the Stinson Municipal Airport in the heart of TEXAS.

There are no specific starting dates since our classes are set up “one-on-one” with an instructor to ensure that your learning is quick and efficient. We have many full time instructors that will work to fit your schedule. You may begin your training at any time. The estimated (full time) duration of the private pilot course is 2 1/2 months ; the duration of the instrument/commercial course is 5 months.

Our fleet consists entirely of Cessna aircraft; we train primarily in C-152, C-172, C-TR182, and the C-310 (multi).

Jeppesen is used all over the world. More people are learning to fly the Jeppesen way in our Cessna aircraft, and in fewer hours. Enrollment with Alpha Tango means that you can earn your Private Pilot’s Certificate in a minimum of 40 hours.

For those of you interested in our Commercial/Instrument Course, we use Cessna 152, 172 and T182RG aircraft. Your flight training is conducted in the San Antonio Class C airspace which provides for the best training experience available in the most exciting flying environment.

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